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About TNM - Drummer

TNM - Drummer (Thomas Nikolaus Michael), is a versatile artist who crafts captivating background music for videos and photos while partly passionately drumming up his own unique tunes. Engrossed in his musical journey, TNM shines as a drummer in an acoustic cover band, blending his rhythmic talents with a flair for composition.
Embracing creativity during the pandemic, TNM delves into a myriad of musical expressions by weaving loops, vocals, guitars, keyboards, and leveraging cutting-edge AI tools to elevate his visual content. His sonic palette spans soul, funk, rock, Latin, lounge, trance, techno, and electro genres, showcasing his eclectic musical prowess.
Noteworthy for his drumming contributions in bands like @3TC and @heckepits, TNM leaves a rhythmic imprint in tracks like @unreflecting_person, @introduction, @twinkling, and @happy_hours (no longer unavailable on Spotify). Dive into the melodic world he creates with @heckepits' enchanting track, called @christmas_in_bed, beckoning you to explore his rhythmic realm.

For a nostalgic trip down memory lane, uncover the spellbinding Blues Rock melodies from TNM Drummer's earlier stint with the band @Bloody Mary in "Blues Rock Memories From 1992 - 1995." Let TNM - Drummer serenade your senses with his musical tapestry, weaving tales of rhythm and melody that resonate through the ages.