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About TNM - Drummer

TNM - Drummer (Thomas Nikolaus Michael) he is an artist and composes background music for his videos or photos and he is a drummer and loves to create his own music. Unfortunately, rehearsals aren't always possible in the times of corona, which is why he started creating music with loops for his own videos or photos. He composes in different styles such as soul/funk, rock, latin, lounge, trance, techno and electro. As the drummer of the band @3TC he played the drums in the songs @unreflecting_person, @introduction, @twinkling and @happy_hours. He also plays the drums in the band @heckepits. Just check out the song @christmas_in_bed.

You can also find awesome Blues Rock songs from his early times as the drummer of the band called @Bloody Mary "Blues Rock Memories From 1992 - 1995"