TNM - Drummer - Music, Photos and Videos
It's always the right time to start.

Here is the playlist of the TNM - Drummer on YouTube. 

Song: Mia ... wir lieben Dich

Mia is a lovable goat who likes to show very clearly in the evening at the Lindelgrund campsite and lets everyone know that she now wants to go to the goat barn and she wants to sleep now.
This made her so lovable that TNM - Drummer had to make a song about her, the self-crowned Queen of Lindelgrund ;-).

Song: Stay at home ... and dance

This song is inspired by the Corona situation in Germany. It was foreseeable that we would have to stay at home for a very long time. So one question remains: 

What is the best thing to do at home, when you are at home? 

The answer is: "Stay at home ... and Dance"

The song consists of loops, his own recording and some of his own spoken vocals. This song is simply awesome and TNM - Drummer likes to hear that song again and again.